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Swimmers got cold feet, and everything else, in rural pool
Every year around New Year's Day, you will see pictures or watch video of a group of supposedly sane people who jump into the icy waters of an ocean or a lake. Big deal! My brothers and I did that dozens of times, and we didn't have to wait ...
CHART: In Sports Television There Is The NFL And There Is Everything Else
Both of those games barely out-rated the AFC Wild Card matchup between the Bengals and Texans. After the NFL playoffs you can see a pattern in the chart below. Championship games will typically draw an audience of 23-26 million viewers. After those games ...
'Pacific Rim' is big on action, short on everything else (Video)
It feels like watching Goku battle Frieza in Dragonball Z- endless scenes of talking and preparing, followed by a few seconds of something actually interesting. It wasn't even enough to keep the plot chugging along, because Hunnam is so inept at actually ...
You, Me, and Everything Else
He spends 45 minutes explaining everything from genetic crop modification to agri-economics. It’s touching when he holds up a jar of wheat seeds, truly in awe as he describes the “miracle” of life that has fed the planet for thousands of years.
Bill Gates on the future of education, programming and just about everything else
(gigaom.com) -- Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has thoughts on a lot of things, from the demise of lecture halls to the awesomeness of the patent system. He took the stage at the company’s annual Faculty Summit — a two-day affair where ...
Odds Of Royal Baby Are 1:1, Everything Else Is Up For Grabs
While the world (or parts of it, anyway) awaits the birth of the royal baby with baited breath, bookies are making some serious dough every day that the infant bides its time. There are bets on every possible variable in the birth of William and Kate’s ...
Organize Your Laundry Room Easily With This Super Clever Trick (PHOTOS)
Chances are you spend way more time than you would like to admit in your laundry room. And between all the socks, shirts, towels and everything else in between, it can become a pretty messy space. But Redditor Zanowin has found a really easy way ...
Hollywood, CA – Most people expected ‘The Conjuring’ to scare up a big box office total but $41.5 million was a little unexpected, but that is what it earned. That was enough to decimate other newcomers ‘Turbo’ with $31.2 million ...
Samsung is trying everything else, why not a flip phone?
Coming soon: an Android OS handheld that resembles the phone you had before Google even existed. Samsung is going retro with a new phone for the Galaxy family. According to a choppy language translation of the Korea-based Digital Daily, Samsung's new phone ...
What time does The Voice final 2013 start? Everything you need to know, with videos of semi-final performances
And so, the second series of The Voice draws to a close with tomorrow night's final. All of the mentors have an act left in the final stage so every celeb bum in a red spinny chair may get a bit squeaky. But who do you reckon will win? And is that the same ...
Doing the right thing after trying everything else
“We can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the other possibilities.” Winston Churchill's famous words, uttered in frustration as he described how long it took for Franklin Delano Roosevelt to finally ...
Robots Will Deliver Your Pizza -- and Everything Else
The costlier UAV would become profitable in the spring of its second year in operation, assuming we start tracking from the beginning of January ... Smaller drones won't be able to replace UPS drivers and their multi-ton trucks right away, but a concerted ...
Sharapova has words for Serena
Maria Sharapova took quite a shot at Serena Williams — and it was nowhere near a tennis court. At her pre-Wimbledon news conference Saturday, Sharapova was asked about a recent Rolling Stone article where the author surmised that critical ...
25 things to do this summer — boats, barbecue, the Bard and everything else
There is only one drawback to summer in Maine: By the time it ... It’s some of the best improv you’ll see in the state. For ticket reservations and information, visit improvacadia.com. The Festival Portland, June 21-22, Portland Company Complex ...
Jobs report? Tepid, like everything else in the economy.
Despite the US decline, manufacturing’s global outlook remained positive, but still weak. Construction spending hits a snag: Construction spending increased 0.4 percent in April ... from on or before May 24. Jobless claims fall: The number ...
Carbon (And Practically Everything Else) Just Got More Expensive
The Department of Energy (DOE) finalized a rule at the end of May that mandates the amount of energy microwaves can use on standby mode starting in 2016. The DOE tries to legitimize the rule by saying that the alleged social cost of carbon (SCC ...
High Schoolers: The Decline of Facebook and Rise of…Everything Else
So there you have it: five reasons why teenagers are turning their backs on Facebook. When their parents finally join Snapchat, they’ll abandon that too. What do you think about the ‘decline’ of Facebook? Will Facebook make any changes to keep their ...
While Everything Else is Falling Apart, Ibio is Putting it Together (IBIO)
The last thing any investor is interested in hearing right now is some chatter about a speculative biotech - the market's getting crushed, and it's taking most stocks with it. Then again, if there was any kind of stock that could overcome the market's ...
Complications With Your Baby Make Everything Else Seem Harmless
"Taking life for granted is an encouraging sign that your life is going well. I wanted that." Our third child was born seven weeks premature with a condition known as intestinal malrotation. The doctor explained it like this: When you're in your mom's ...
John Travolta on James Gandolfini: 'He was a people person first and then everything else' -- VIDEO
John Travolta went on Good Morning America to talk about his new film Killing Season, but first he shared memories of his late friend James Gandolfini. When Travolta’s son Jett died in 2009, Gandolfini stepped up to make sure the Travolta ...
Festival essentials on a budget: Wellies, tents and everything else you need to pack
Packing for festivals can be a right pain in the arse. But deciding what to take doesn't have to be a nightmare and while it might seem like a great idea to pack that neon pink inflatable chair when you're at home in your bedroom, there are a few festival ...
Derek Jeter moves his rehab to the Bronx and takes batting practice with the Yankees
Rarely injured in his 18-year career, the shortstop was visibly frustrated with what has been a long road back to the diamond. “It’s tedious. It’s difficult. It’s not fun,” Jeter said. “It’s a long process, you know, I mean I’ve been doing ...
Kedarnath shrine safe, everything else destroyed: official
The ancient Kedarnath shrine has survived the devastating floods in Uttarakhand but virtually everything around it has been destroyed, an official of the temple committee said Thursday. "Call it a miracle but the Nandi statue and the other idols ...
Gold Walloped (Along With Pretty Much Everything Else)
Markets of all kinds are selling off on Thursday after Chairman Ben Bernanke’s latest comments on the Federal Reserve’s stimulus policies, and investors in gold are faring among the worst. The metal is down almost 5 percent, with Bernanke ...
Al Martinez...On Everything Else: The Squirrel and the Peafowl
“Man challenging the violent sea so that you might have crab soufflé on your fancy dinner plate tonight.” I could tell she was reloading to continue the argument over the intellectual quality of the show when I saw the thing flash by the windo
And On Top of Everything Else, An Earthquake
As if we didn’t have our hands full already, Earthquakes Canada reports that there was a 4.8 magnitude earthquake at 9:43 this morning. It was detected in Braeside, Ontario, which is quite a long distance from Toronto, but many on Twitter say they felt ...
Blood Test Results - Positive Total Iga, Everything Else Negative
I'm in the UK and have been tested for Celiac for the second time recently. I saw my GP yesterday and was told all the bloods were in order except for my total IgA which was elevated. Now i'm aware that a deficiency in IgA can skew the results of the other ...
"Everything is going to work out" -Oklahoma survivor
Some of these points … These companies were not too big to fail. If you need to get from point ... Music= Around the World by Terry Devine-King 10 Most Stupid Darwin Awards Dying is never pretty, but sometimes it is downright foolish, find out how ...
Launching The Internet Of Everything One Startup At A Time
and Everything Else Techonomy Contributor MakerSwarm Aims To Open The Internet Of Everything To Everyone Techonomy Contributor With our May 16 Techonomy Lab: Man, Machines, and the Network in Menlo Park this week, we look at five startups ...
Jazz & Classics ... & Everything Else
It’s called “Juneau Jazz & Classics,” but as any festival goer knows, that label only tells part of the story. This year’s guest artists, as in previous years, have represented a wide range of musical genres -- from Arlo Guthrie’s Amer ...
Everything Else • Re: Scorpions Worldwide Fan Film Project
Hey everyone! As many of you already know, we fans have been making a Scorpions fan film about the fans (and for the fans). We've been interviewing fans from all over the world but we need more! Full details can be found here on our Facebook page (a ..
Our Common Wealth: The Hidden Economy That Makes Everything Else Work
In his posthumous book, Our Common Wealth: The Hidden Economy That Makes ... like the disappearance of public water fountains and the growth of a humongous bottled-water industry. Meanwhile, the very gene pool we share with all life is being divided ...
Everything Changes, Even My Shoes: Evolving Past My Own Transphobia and Internalized Homophobia
I was slim and fit because I worked out. I learned how to flex my muscles without looking as though I was flexing. This is how I met girlfriends-to-be: with a dash of egoism and a sexy outfit. I attended these dances to validate myself as an ...
A16Z's Chris Dixon On the Internet Of Locks, Cars, New York, And Everything Else
Why An Internet Of Everything Event? "It's The World Waking Up" David Kirkpatrick Contributor Why the Internet of Everything Could Mean Fewer Cars Techonomy Contributor MakerSwarm Aims To Open The Internet Of Everything To Everyone Techonomy ...
Google wants your WordPress blog—and everything else—in its cloud
Google's Cloud Platform team introduced new public services and tweaks to existing services based on the compute and data storage infrastructure that supports Google's search engine and other applications. Urs Hölzle, Google's senior vice ...
Everything You Need To Know This Week On DC's Art Scene
There are a few art shows opening this week which feature DC artists, like "The New Direction of Color" at the Aaron Gallery, and a 20-something Dartmouth grad Camden Place's digital collages on Ace Ventura and other 90's icons at Outer Space. Here is ...
Bullion bank led casino manipulates gold price – and everything else!
How can they ignore the massive short sale that took place on Friday ... the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan, demand for physical gold remains robust. I also believe that the demand for gold in the second quarter is going to be substantially ...